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Our company started in 2015 with 3 factories in the Ankara- Kazan Industrial zone, and the industrial zone in Kilis-with an area of 16 thousand square meters of chocolate production and wafer production, uses the latest high-tech production lines with a professional workers, supervisors and administrators specialized in their work and have a capacity 14 thousand ton for a year. The production lines work with the R & D labs, under the high technology standards to manufacture products with high quality raw materials and appropriate for every income level of consumers without giving compromise taste and quality. Our products not only care about national economy, but but also the culture of the country and its social environment. With the help of technology widespread in world, customer awareness and expectations is also growing, and we make products meets customers high expectations .Using the finest types of oil, cocoa, hazelnut and sugar in production, we absolutely do not allow enter any of the elements harmful to human health within any component of our products, and if demanded, from governments food codex, our product formulas will always be updated.

Over 100 chocolate varieties produced in our factories via highest technology machines with the help of professional staff and experts, we make quality and taste satisfied products to consumers. The Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Halil Ölçücüer starts his business in Gaziantep with Şölen chocolate and continued in Istanbul with Misbis then Ankara chocolate and Captain gıda.  With the help of making investments and building factories in Morocco, Turkmenistan and Lebanon, he provides significant contributions to his vast experience in chocolate production.

Founded in 1947, Ender trademark  has become a well-known brand in the life of generations with its taste and quality. It has been engraved in memory and is being sought in the internal and external markets. Besides, being a company who is accomplish only the customer needs, we are leading consumption habits and customer needs.  Our company produces healthy products with convenient for all areas of life and follows newest technology with not resist the improvements of it.

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Started 2018 in Istanbul – Avcilar we create our showroom and sales point with an area of 1500 square meters and within 5 floor. Offered Ender chocolate and a lot of products that meet customers. And adopted the policy of serving the customer the best, not sacrificed in any way to provide a product of high quality and delicious taste instead of providing cheap products, with this behavior, our potential customers are growing fast not also in Ankara but also all over the other cities in Turkey. 
Within being export oriented company, our products are exported to 35 countries; the Middle East countries, North Africa countries, European Union countries,South America countries, Asia countries and Turkish Republics. Our company has been successful in a short period of time with its latest equipment equipped with the latest technologies and qualified staff with high expertise and products in different flavors to meet all tastes. For being a leading company in the regional economy, our company has a great pace of progress and makes huge contributions in this sector, through its policies that develop according to the customer satisfaction of the brand and the special taste, our company is works to give a special impression on consumers life.

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Avcılar Outlet and Showroom
Merkez Mh. E5 Güney Yan Yol No:179 Avcılar/İstanbul
+90 212 401 09 13

Ankara Factory
Saray Mah. 106. Sk. No:1 Kahramankazan/Ankara

+90 312 815 12 38

Kilis Factory
Kilis Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 20 No'lu Cd. No:6 Kilis

+90 348 834 10 90

Eskişehir Factory
75. Yıl Organize San. Bölgesi Mah. 35 Cd. No:11 Odunpazarı/Eskişehir

+90 222 236 27 79

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